Thanks for visiting my blog. Here you will learn about my weekly practicum tasks at the Newhall Library located in Santa Clarita, California. I am working with Children's Librarian Christina Baker.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

6th Week

Again, for another week during my practicum not too many exciting things happened. I helped again with reference questions and AR questions as well. Several families have come into the library looking for books to fulfill their AR needs. However, our library is set up by authors last name or the Dewey number. Many patrons, especially this past week, have become very upset that our juvenile books are not in order by their AR level; mostly the parents are guilty of this.

In addition to helping with reference I worked a little bit more with collection development. There are several boxes of books which have been in storage. My task has been to unbox the books and place them on back shelves in a spare room (used for storage) for my boss to sort through them. However, I have been given permission to discard any books which are in bad condition or out dated. This task has been useful because it has widened by skills and my eye for relevance within the collection.

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