Thanks for visiting my blog. Here you will learn about my weekly practicum tasks at the Newhall Library located in Santa Clarita, California. I am working with Children's Librarian Christina Baker.

Monday, March 19, 2012

9th Week...

This week in the library went by super quick! I cannot believe yet another week of the semester has past. Christina kept me very busy this week and assigned me a horrifying task: I had to run story-time all on my own, twice! And, in addition to hosting it two times within the library I also accompanied her to a nearby preschool where we repeated the story-time as well as the activity to two different classrooms.

I really enjoyed each presentation I gave, especially after I began. I was extremely nervous in the beginning , more so because of the parents than the children. However, once I started I became more relaxed and had a great time. I decided to focus my attention on the children rather than look at their parents or adults and it made it so much easier. The theme this week was Dinosaurs. I had helped select the books I was reading and I had been practicing for several days both the books and the songs. Everything went so great, so much better than I had expected. Also, I felt so happy the children enjoyed it. They responded and interacted and they behaved so very well.

In addition to preparing and presenting the Dinosaur Story-time this week I also mentioned that we presented in front of two preschool classrooms, which was very enjoyable. They too were also very well behaved. However, it was a very different group than the ones we see within the library.

Children's reference was another aspect of my practicum hours this week. I was able to answer several questions as well as help children locate books for school projects, AR quizzes, and just for enjoyment. I always was interested in children's librarianship but I never thought I would find it so rewarding. I am very happy I decided to focus on this aspect of library service for my practicum!