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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Week 5

This week was not filled with exciting adventures like the past few weeks. Again, I helped with reference at the Children's Reference desk as well as shelving books in the children's area. One special event which was hosted at all three of the library branches this week was called "Love Your Library." Occurring on Monday, this event was for patrons of all ages and included activities, entertainment, and giveaways for everyone. We hosted a craft for children to work on within the children's area. Reasons why each child loved their library were listed and hung about in the children's area. Also, a craft where animals were made out of papers cut into the shapes of hearts were made. It seemed the kids really had a great time!

Our story-time this week was also very special. The city's mayor came in and read two stories instead of the usual librarian. While it was not as "smooth" as it usually is, it was definitely a lot of fun for both children and parents to watch and listen to.

With the "Love your Library"event and other things this week, there was not a whole lot of new things or projects for me to work on unfortunately. It did give me a feel for the regular and sometimes less fun aspects of a children librarian's job. Reference, straightening up displays and picking up books, helping find AR books, and other tasks are daily things one must be familiar with when working in the particular area of the library field. It is good to have both practice and experience with all these tasks.

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