Thanks for visiting my blog. Here you will learn about my weekly practicum tasks at the Newhall Library located in Santa Clarita, California. I am working with Children's Librarian Christina Baker.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Week 3

Wow! This week has been a very busy week for me during my praticum hours. First, several people were sick again this week so that left me to take over. Monday I co-hosted a story-time for pre-school aged children. I sang and read to them, which I was horribly nervous about. I could have done better but I was not awful! After the story-time there was a little art activity for the children and their parents to work on together. This week the theme was trains. All the songs and stories we read and talked about dealt with trains, so, for the activity the children colored in trains and then pasted them onto large pieces of construction paper. Here is an example I made for the children to look at:

In addition to the Monday story-time, I also co-hosted to Baby & Toddler story-times on Tuesday. This was much easier since I had helped in the one on Monday, but I was still nervous. The theme again was still trains but there were different books and songs and no activity since the children were younger. We had over 50 people show up! 

In addition to helping with the story times, I also worked on labeling new books for the children's collection. Several juvenile paperbacks had been ordered and are in the process of being added to the collection. This week it has been my task to label each book with a sticker that says "Santa Clarita Library Canyon Country Branch". 

Today at the library we hosted another event, called "Read to a Dog". For this event, three service dogs from the local community come in and young children are able to pick out one to two books and they sit next to the dogs and read to them. Not only does this help to build their confidence, but it helps them with their reading skills and can even teach them to feel more comfortable around dogs. For this event, I signed up children to participate as well as oversaw everything to make sure everything ran smoothly.